• Perfect for your Opening and Closing Keynotes
    • Ideal for 30, 60 or 90 minute programs
    • Retreats
    • Breakfast Breaks / Lunch & Learns
  • This is Maurice’s signature motivational keynote.  Maurice shares his 36 years of research and study on simple, easy-to-use tips and techniques to create a phenomenal life.  Your audience will be up on their feet in this highly interactive, inspiring and fun talk. Your audience will walk away with their “W” – Who Are They; Set their “I” – Integrity and establish their “N” – Network and in return your organization will be inspired and motivated.  Your team will immediately implement the strategies and the concepts because of the interactive and presentation style Maurice tailors for every presentation. Have your team go from Zero to Hero when they “W.I.N. at Life!” 

    Maurice’s “W.I.N. at Life” message will get people up on their toes mentally and physically to see, work and understand the three principles to lead a rewarding life.

    The "W" - Who You Are: In Life, it is the person that you show yourself to others that will determine how high you will achieve. During your presentation, your team will be reminded of how to make the best of who they are with what they have.

    The "I" - Integrity: What you say and do is two of the elements others based their trust, respect and loyalty. Maurice shares basic steps of discipline that will align your integrity to your outside self.

    The "N" - Network: How you communicate and create connections with your colleagues, clients and others will determine your level of success. With the simple structure shared at your presentation, your team will instantly create the necessary bonds that will propel themselves and your organization forward. 

    This presentation is perfect for your opening and closing keynotes, to inspire and revitalize your employees and for groups looking to motivate and energize their members.