• Imagine…Going from ‘Thinking to Doing.’  How will that affect your business, your relationships, your Life?

    Maurice DiMino's business life reflects just that. 

    Starting his career on Madison Avenue, Maurice worked for one of the top advertising agencies of its day: Darcy Masius Benton and Bowles, DMB&B. He had a unique vantage point; he was responsible for new business development…only inspiring, selling and leading those companies with advertising budgets over $5M. He saw both sides of the advertising world: How to persuade a prospect to become a client. And the inner workings of the psychology that goes into advertising. There he learned methods for inspiring, selling and leading. 

    He continued his corporate life in Los Angeles working for one of the top Valued Added Resellers of the premier editing equipment Avid. At the time, this equipment had a starting price tag of $10K all the way to $250K, he learned quickly how to sell and negotiate the rough waters of high-end sales. From this experience he developed his proven presentation template that helped him to generate $1M in sales…per month.

    As a speaker, pulling from his 36 years of real world, in the business trenches experience, Maurice has delivered keynote and workshop presentations for numerous organizations and can speak for audience ranging from 20 to 20,000.

    Any organization that wants to develop their people to become extraordinary needs to book Maurice for a Keynote and/or workshop training.  

    Partial Client List:
    IBM, US Navy, Chinook Group, Microsoft…