• Michelle Telfer - Director of Human Resources, Marriott Al-Jaddaf, Dubai, UAE
  • Nicole Suydam - CEO, Second Harvest Food Bank, Orange County, CA
  • Brian DeSoza - Chief Concierge, Marriott Al-Jaddaf, Dubai, UAE
  • Pat Ross, CEO/President, TerranSoft, Los Angeles, CA
  • Simona, Director of Events & Catering, Marriott Al-Jaddaf, Dubai, UAE
  • Les Brown - World’s Leading Motivational Speaker
  • Albert Ocampo, Founding Member / Honorary Officer, International Society of Filipinos in Finance and Accounting

    “Maurice DiMino immediately captured the full attention of our organization at the start of his presentation.  He effectively engaged the audience all throughout the session with his educational and fun approach in delivering his presentation. He has a unique style of presentation in the sense that he treats his audience with respect and effectively demonstrates his sincerity of wanting to help the audience improve."

  • Cari Christian, President, The Chinook Group

    “We brought Maurice DiMino in for his ‘W.I.N. at Life’ program because we needed to motivate and re-energize our team. He gave us exactly what we needed and asked for.  I would highly recommend for any company, organization to bring Maurice in to share his “W.I.N. Philosophy” to supercharge their team.” 


  • Khaled Al Jamel, General Manager, Marriot Al-Jaddaf Dubai, UAE

    “Our management team was very much inspired by Maurice DiMino’s energy and his entire training module.  It was great on the fundamentals of being an effective leader and the habits to follow.  Our team will benefit from his training and accomplish our property goals. Maurice’s training was in alignment of the Marriott philosophy. We look forward to welcoming him back in the future.”

  • Mai Nguyen, MD Pediatric Care - Orange County, CA

    “You are a dynamic and inspiring speaker.  I feel your name will be a household name like Tony Robins, Brian Tracy and all the great speakers out there.  I am glad to be a part of your audience.”

  • Theresa Carter-Mata, Senior Deputy Clerk, State of California Court of Appeal

    “I thoroughly enjoyed Maurice DiMino’s seminar.  I fully expected to be lectured to, but was delighted by the time we finished.  All of the exercises were insightful and the methods of causing others to interact were superb.”

  • Philip Lopez, Chief Manager, Warehouse Services, INC, CA

    "This was a very interesting workshop. Maurice kept everyone learning more and more every minute of it. Definitely recommend for people who want to be "Life Long Learners.""